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(The Unique Lens of a Blind Comedian) A Journey Through Humour

Welcome to the world of Blind Guy Comedy, where laughter bridges and reflects the experiences of being visually impaired. I am J.R. Bjornson, leading you through a journey of humor and self-discovery. Since I started my stand-up comedy in August 2017, my material has revolved around my blindness, exploring daily life without sight, the challenges I face, and the varied reactions I receive, ranging from excessive concern to bewilderment.

My self-deprecating humor is more than just a comedic approach; it's a tool to educate about the blind experience, an often overlooked perspective. This humor fosters a deeper understanding and connection. I focus on talking about my experiences, avoiding offense and creating a space of relatability and shared humanity. In my routines, you'll find anecdotes about the ironies of blindness, the struggle in job hunting, and the endeavor to prosper in a sighted world. My comedy is a safe space where I can be open without fear of misinterpretation, focusing on my experiences in public spaces and job interviews, and sharing my unique perception of beauty and character, free from visual bias.

Technology plays a vital role in my life, from AI-assisted parenting to apps for navigation and reading signs, offering not just empowerment but also a rich source of humor and insight. Ultimately, my comedy is more than jokes; it's a genuine reflection of my life as a blind person and a celebration of the unique and often amusing perspectives my experiences bring. Thank you for being part of this journey. Let's explore, laugh, and perhaps view the world from a different angle.

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