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Meet the incredible J.R. Bjornson, the living embodiment of resilience and laughter!


From his very first breath, J.R. defied the odds, emerging into this world with almost no vision. But that's where his extraordinary journey began. With five amazing kids who continually push him to explore life's every corner, J.R. thrives on creating unforgettable moments of fun and wonder.


His talents know no bounds, as he seamlessly transitions from the side-splitting world of stand-up comedy to hosting 'The Midday Show With J.R. Bjornson' podcast, and dishing out valuable insights on his J.R. Bjornson YouTube channel. Nothing can deter him from sharing his unique perspective on what it means to live life as someone who's legally blind.


What makes J.R.'s story so extraordinary is his unwavering commitment to authenticity. He believes that the best part about being blind is the absolute necessity to be oneself, to boldly put oneself out there for all to see.


Onstage, J.R. weaves humor into his life's tapestry, hilariously navigating the challenges of conditions like peters anomaly and eye scarring. He delves into the world of family, sharing stories that resonate with all of us, and he fearlessly tackles the employment challenges he's encountered due to his limited vision. Stand-up comedy isn't just a passion for J.R.; it's his livelihood, and he's incredibly grateful for every opportunity, whether it's performing at a local show or headlining performances throughout central Alberta and beyond.


So, if you're ready for an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, inspiration, and a profound celebration of the human spirit, it's time to book J.R. Bjornson! Don't miss the chance to witness his remarkable journey and the boundless humor he brings to the stage.


Join us in embracing the spirit of Blind Guy Comedy, and let's create unforgettable moments together!

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