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An Evening of Mesmerizing Fun: Catch J.R. Bjornson at Hypnosis Hilarity on April 6th!

Get ready for a night filled with laughter and enchantment! On Saturday, April 6th, J.R. Bjornson is hitting the stage for a 10-minute spotlight at the Hypnosis Hilarity event. J.R., known for bringing a unique blend of humor and heartwarming storytelling, is sure to leave you with aching sides and a warm heart. But that's not all — Hypnotist Clint W. will dazzle with his mind-bending skills, and headliner Bubba along with Kate Dennehy and Justin Littlechild will round out this stellar lineup, ensuring a night you won't forget.

Held at Danielle’s Red Deer, this event offers more than just jokes and jests; your ticket includes a complimentary beverage, a chance to win door prizes, and the promise of an unforgettable evening. Tickets are just $25, and you can grab yours through Ticket Leap or by visiting Danielle's. For more information, just dial (587-272-0508) or (403-352-9249).

Don't miss out on the opportunity to see J.R. Bjornson live in action, where his comedy shines brightest amidst the camaraderie of a vibrant audience. This is more than a show; it's an experience. Mark your calendars for 8:00 PM on April 6th laughter is guaranteed!

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