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When performing standup comedy every show is different. Because every show has a different location, that makes every show different and amazing. I love performing at the Red Deer Memorial Centre. The location is huge, it is such a wonderful space, everybody is so friendly, and it can host over 700 people. At least that's how it looks to me anyway.

It was so great to have my wife join me, as we have five children it is ridiculously hard to get out for date nights. Fortunately I was able to find a babysitter. This means my wife was able to help with a little bit of camera and photography.

I enjoy standup comedy, and I think more people should give it a try. Hence the idea about sharing what it is like before going on stage through video. It is so exhilarating. The nerves you get when you're about to go on stage. The feeling of excitement.

I hope you stick around and check out the video. This was fun and it's only about seven minutes 50 seconds long. I enjoy making videos about my life, and whatever I am up to. It's a little therapeutic. And the best part is I can bring people along I only capture the memories I want to keep. I only share the memories I think people will enjoy watching. If you are considering starting a YouTube channel. Everybody has a cell phone in their pocket. Practice with that camera first then get uploading when you feel comfortable and ready. Please enjoy this video I have made about what it is like before going on stage. Sharing the green room, the comedians, and all the excitement. Thank you for stopping by. You are welcome to share this blog post with your social media friends and whomever you think will enjoy.

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