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When it comes to performing stand up comedy, not every room you perform at is going to be the same. Common-sense right? But as a new comedian you have so much confidence going into every single performance, it’s a curveball when your jokes don’t exactly hit. But the goal of stand up comedy is to do your best, constantly invest in yourself. Always try to do better, and not be so hard on yourself if the show is a fail. Today’s show did not fail, it was a small audience. Which that and itself is a curveball but a fun one at that.

The 2 Broke Men in a Van tour continues to travel throughout Alberta, it’s all a learning experience. As a comedian you are always trying to do better every single show. Every now and then when a show doesn’t work out, you learn so much from the audience. Not everybody in Calgary thinks blind jokes are funny. Which is OK, maybe Calgary is a conservative city? Maybe Calgary is Calgary? Either way, it’s not Calgary’s fault. Some jokes are a miss, some jokes will be successful. Most of all it’s all about having fun. If performing stand up comedy does not make you happy, why do it? Why put yourself through that stress if you are not having a good time? My main objective in life is to bring everybody happiness in the form of laughter or a smile. And I think I’m doing pretty good.

At the end of the day stand up comedy is nothing more than a bunch of people sharing their lives in the form of humor, at least what they think is funny. At the end of the day if you invest enough time and money into your stand up comedy routines, hopefully you will be successful. Thank you for reading, thank you for stopping by,

and be sure to check out the video below.

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