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My eye condition is called Peter's Anomaly and it is the reason why I can only see about a foot in front of me. About two months ago I was able to get my hands on these awesome digital glasses called eSight 4. Because of these glasses I am able to see my world more clearly. I am able to cook meat and see when it is brown and ready to eat. I was in a lovely places called Delburne here in Alberta. I thought I would do something different and go on stage wearing my glasses as I told my jokes.

I have never seen what a crowd of people who are listening to my jokes look like until that lovely night. It was an experience I would soon never forget. As you may or may not know when I am on stage I listen for laughter because that is the only way I understand what a smile looks like without see it due to the lack of seeing.

Watching the people laugh at my jokes was very interesting. I found myself worried about what people were thinking as they were watching me on stage. Life changing I think is the best way to put it. Knowing who is watching the show and knowing who is not watching makes it more distracting.

Will I wear the glasses on stage from now on? Probably not because watching what people feel on their faces and through their body language makes me question if I am doing my jokes correctly. When I don't se what people are thinking and I am just making them laugh, it makes it easier for me to have a good fun time on stage.

These glasses are life changing as I said but at the same time it does get very overwhelming. Watching TV has also been more exciting because I am able to put faces to the voice I have only been hearing. I hope you have enjoyed this story about me going on stage with my new life changing glasses.

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