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After taking five months off from performing stand up comedy I am happy and excited to announce that I will be back on the laughable stage on May 14 2022 at the Elks Hall in

Red Deer Alberta Canada. Show time is at 8:00Pm and doors open at 7:00Pm. If you buy your tickets before hand, you can save $5.00 more information on this show can be found at the Red Deer Elks Official Website along with how to pay for the tickets directly. This show is 18 Plus.

Why did I take a breather from stand up comedy?

This past two years have been interesting due to COVID-19. I was listening to the news way too much and getting fearful of my future and over thinking that the virus would actually kill me if I got it. I put my life on hold because of the pandemic. Then as things started to return to normal I found myself not being able to leave the house because the world around me was getting louder and I could not handle the sounds. It turns out because I was home for so long I was no longer use to the normal noises.

The thing I feared happened at long last and COVID-19 made it into the Bjornson household. I believed my son brought it home from school and guess what? I made it out alive. Getting COVID was the worst feeling in the world. My body was beyond painful and I had a headache that lasted just over four days. It was the worst headache I ever had in my life. Yes I did loose my smelling abilities. I did get the power of smell back one week later. The virus I once feared made it into my home and I ended up making it out alive.

I am happy to be back on that lovely stage making people laugh. Stand Up Comedy is a dream job and I love sharing stories about what it is like being visually impaired and showing the world that people with visual disabilities can live normal active lives. Anyway think you for reading my blog post and if you are in central Alberta perhaps I will hear you laughing at the next up coming show on May 14 2022.

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