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J.R. Bjornson's First Time Hosting a Comedy Show Headlined by Marc Anthony Sinagoga

Join J.R. Bjornson as he hosts his first stand up comedy show! Headlined by Marc Anthony Sinagoga and Presented by Splits and Giggles Comedy.

J.R. has been performing stand up comedy for the better part of four years. He has never hosted a professional show before, until now.

“I am super excited. I have only been a performer on stage. Never a performer who has hosted a show introducing other fellow comedians. I think it's going to be fun and just wonderful.” Check out how J.R. does in his time hosting a show by buying your tickets through the official Heritage Lanes website.

Show Time 8:00Pm September 12, 2021 in the Heritage Lanes Lounge.

Want to check out a clip of Marc’s stand up comedy? See video below and See you at the show.

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