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What is stand up comedy and what it means To me? Stand up comedy is bringing people together for the same common cause. The cause of laughter, the cause of making people smile uncontrollably.

Stand up comedy has many causes, and for me, my favourite cause is sheer positivity. Positivity brings people together even if you are having a bad day. Positivity is always their bringing us together. I feel if more people where to check out a stand up comedy show, more people would be inclined to be positive. "Now that I say it out loud like that. It really does sound like a club where people want to just laugh at themselves."

Even if the positivity only lasts a few minutes. It is so euphoric! I will continue to pursue stand up comedy even in these tough times of pandemics times due to KOVID.

The best part about a pandemic is how you can make fun of it. You can make fun of how you've been dealing with your version of the pandemic in your house. You can talk about how you"re friends overreact, but secretly it is you that's overreacting the most.

You can do KOVID Virus jokes, like open a Company, start a clothing line, and work from home. This pandemic is awful and i can talk about the pandemic when I'm on stage.

Talking about ways I've been dealing with it as the pandemic even affecting my vision? Not really. because that would make no sense, I can still choose to talk about it, And maybe come up with a jokes. The UPS guy dropped off an awesome package the other day.

He didn't even need an identification anymore. He just ask for a name, didn't even have to be my name, my wife said her name, and the package was delivered to. I'm OK with this because I was there when it happened.

Stand up comedy is nothing more than stories, upon stories, of life experience. Everybody has their own story. Stand-up comedy allows you to share your life with everyone. Looking at one problem, through the lens of someone else. I continue to do Sand up comedy, because it makes me happy. If I make money from stand up comedy, it goes to my family. I'm very honoured to make people laugh.

My dream to make the world smile, will come back and be better brighter than ever.

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