• J.R. Bjornson

The waiting is the hardest part when wanting to go on stage and make people laugh

The last show I was able to do my stand up at what back in December of 2020. I was invited by the Grind Stone in Edmonton Alberta. It was a stand up comedy computation. The first thing was to get enough votes to get through the next round. I was able to get more then enough along side my good firmed Niek Theelen.

It was very awesome to know that the people in house and online thought I was good enough to go through the next round, but then something happens, something known as the Pandemic. This would cause everything in Alberta to shut down for the next several week and maybe months. The contest was then put on hold.

All the comedians who have yet to have a chance to even make it on stage would be informed that everything would stop for a little bit. Who knows when we will get to come back, I was just happy to make everyone smile.

Now with stand up comedy on hold until we figure out how this pandemic plays out, I begin to wonder how I can make people laugh without putting on a show to do it. One idea came from a FaceBook user that I just had to share with the reader. The next time you go out to do your shopping, perhaps try to make the cashier. Nothing says good practice like making someone who has to be at the shop laugh. If you fail all you have to do is find out on how you can improve on your joke. Maybe it was the delivery, mate it was the structure and some of the time it could be how the cashier was feeling that day. Sure we can’t make the world laugh in person, but one little laugh each day is the next best thing.

I love how stand up comedy lets me work on my people skills. We are all afraid of each other because it is how most of us were brought up. Don’t talk to strangers. I think this could me one of the main reasons why performing stand up is hard for some. You are going up on stage, having the attention of everyone in the room. It is like putting on a school class presentation but this one was all your idea. As someone who can only see a little bit, laughter is all I need to make me smile. I can hear the smiles when I can make people laugh. No one can laugh and not smile, because in my mind laughter is happiness. Someone can be down in the dumps, but for that second you can bring them out of it. They say laughter the the best Madison. I still wait fo the day I can bring that Madison back to the people. Not on TV, Not on Radio, but in person at an actual venue.

The next time you want to make someone laugh and you miss going on stage. Jut go shopping and see what you can do. I hope to be cack on that stage soon, Maybe the next person I make laugh is you. I would like to think that when we can go back on stage I will be more incline to shoot more videos, because who knows what kind of pandemic will hit us next in the future. We have to be grateful for what we can do, because you never do know when you can’t do the one thing you love every again.

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