• J.R. Bjornson


When it comes to getting ready to go on stage you must know what you are going to talk about and how long you have on stage to do so. On Friday March 22, 2019 I will be taking a small little road trip to Penhold Alberta, and I just found out that I will have seven minutes to make some smiles happen. The first thing I will do is Braille out my jokes that I want to share. After that I usually will practice and have an idea how much time I have so I know not to go over. In comedy you never want to go over your time that you are given. If you go over your time, you will or may never get a spot at that room again. Yes I may over think that, but going over your time is just wrong and very disrespectful to the promoter who brought you in and gave you a chance. Please never go over your time. After I have brailled out my stuff I will practice until I know I have it down.

That is pretty much it, always know your jokes before going on stage, never wing it because most of the time your comedy friends will know and you will feel so bad, because you know you could have done better if you had only just practiced what you were going to talk about. Always be grateful, always be thankful. This is comedy and most of the time we are all in it for the same reasons. I am in it because I love to make people laugh.

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