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Join J.R. Bjornson a blind YouTuber who is new to the world of Stand Up Comedy. Every week J.R. sits down with local Red Deer Alberta comedians who have been performing stand up for a bit. Join J.R. as he sits down with Local comedian Vidi Epison. Here is the questions for today’s episode.

#1. Intro Who are you? #2. How did you get to know each other. #3. Why do you perform stand up comedy? #4. What is the coolest job you ever had? #5. Do you still get nervous before going on stage? #6. What is your favorite food if you could only eat that food forever? #7. Android or iPhone and why? #8. What are your goals in life? Not just comedy? #9. Who got you into comedy? What was their name? #10. If you had $10,000 what would you do with it? #11. Do you promote yourself as a comedian and if so how? #12. Any advice for people thinking about trying the art of stand up? #13. Any last words before we end this episode?

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J.R. Bjornson Podcast with Vidi Epson



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